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A new approach to the prevention of diseases of cattle, poultry and domestic animals

  • The product maintains the general health

    It prevents dysbacteriosis for farm animals (poultry, cattle, pigs, etc.) from the first day of life

  • It can be used to replace antibiotics in feed and premixes

    It ensures the safety of food without antibiotics and reduces the load on the immune system of animals.

What makes Biatis worth using?

Natural composition

Instead of dangerous chemicals

Bioavailable form

Increased efficiency and easy digestion

Disease prevention

Effective solution of the digestive tract problems from the very first day of farm animal life

Cost efficiency

Increased safety of the herd, allowing to save on replacement stock

Maximum economic effect

The beneficial properties of the drug manifest even in small concentrations, so when added to water, they can provide better feed absorption at minimal consumption

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Some results of Biatis application by various farms

Dairy herd
Productivity increased by 10%
The fat content in milk increased by 7%
The protein index increased by 5%
The profitability increased by 4%

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Layer flock
Mortality decreased by 43%
Egg production increased by 5%
Incidence of egg defects decreased by 6%
Feed consumption decreased by 7%

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Meat livestock
Monthly weight gain is up to 35 kg
The animals gained up to 400 kg of weight within 8 months
The weight gain increased by 10%
Mortality decreased by 3%

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Weight gain accelerated by 10%
Mortality decreased by 36%
Veterinary care costs decreased by 4%

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Biatis is a feed additive designed to normalize the microflora of the digestive tract of young animals at their early life period. It has a good compatibility milk and milk mixtures used in feeding. It blocks the development of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, while not affecting lactic acid microorganisms. It stimulates the normalization of digestion of cows after calving. For young animals, it provides quick adaptation during feeds changing.

Biatis with humates

The feed additive is based on extracts of humic and fulvic acids, as well as macro - and microelements from brown coal. The additive contains a component that contributes to the normalization of the digestive tract microflora. The additive is universal and is intended for all groups of farm animals at all stages of their life cycle. The unique composition of the product provides an increase in animal productivity by improving feed conversion. When introduced to the adult livestock drinking water, it helps to normalize the microflora in the rennet stomach.

Client feedback

Poultry farm, Moscow region

We tried to apply "Biatis" and "Biatis with humates" to the laying quails. We experimented with the application schedule and found that the following schedule was the optimal for us: we added the aforementioned products into the drinking water for 5 days from Monday to Friday, on Saturday we washed the system with water, and on Sunday we treated the pipelines with industrial antiseptic solution «Proteсtor-BIO». This helped us preventing the silting up of the drinking bowl, reducing their bacterial contamination and transfer of contaminants from the equipment into the poultry. As a result of product application, we noted a decrease in the birds mortality and an increase in their egg production.

A farm with its own livestock of beef breeds of cattle, Saratov region

After addition of "Biatis with humates" to the drinking water of the control group, the weight gain in bulls was 15-17 kg greater than in normal conditions with a similar feed composition. As a result, after 3 months of continuous addition of the product into the drinking water, the weight of bulls was about 650 kg at the age of 11-12 months, whereas usually such indicators can be achieved in 1.5 years.

Private duck breeding farm, Tatarstan

We used "Biatis" for a period of 10-15 days for laying ducks after the first signs of dysbacteriosis appeared and the birds' activity decreased during outdoor maintenance. After we continued to add the product into the drinking water for 20 days, the birds' mortality decreased while the feed conversion increased and general state of bird's health improved.

Tell us about your experience in using "Biatis"!

    Cattle (young bulls) - a herd of 200 animals, results of additing the product to drinking water for 2 months

    Cattle (milch cows), product was added to drinking water for 2 months, 100 animals

    Laying fowls (24 weeks old), product was added to drinking water for 6 weeks, 34 000 birds

    Changes in egg production capacity with decreased feed consumption for laying quails

    Improved weight gain indicators for broiler chicken

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